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What We Offer

We provide all types of mechanical and civil works. Our management and teams work in accordance with the client’s requirements and efficiently complete the projects through its cost-effective ideas, high quality, and optimum utilization of resources.

Safety comes first. We invest in Jobsite safety and continuing education to provide a safe work environment for everyone working on, visiting, or working near our job sites.

We’ll meet your expectations, then we’ll exceed them. Our team members will prove themselves to you through the success and quality of your project.

We continually improve our training, tools, and processes to increase the quality of service we provide our clients.

Your best interest is our only interest. And we’ll move forward using our company’s core values to establish mutual trust and give you what you need.

We’re the industry leader for a reason – we encourage our team members to work together to solve every single construction challenge we face.


Boiler Erection And Commissioning

Erection and commissioning of all types boilers. We are offering All types of Boiler erection and commissioning works ( pressure part and non-pressure part) to our clients. 

Boilers Repair and maintenance

 Repair and maintenance of all types of boilers. We are providing repair & maintenance of all types of Boiler works to our clients. 

Fabrication, Erection & Testing

Fabrication, Erection, testing of all IBR NONIBR pipelines of Carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel

High /Low pressure of pipelines

Fabrication, erection and testing of pipelines with high and low pressure.
Fabrication and erection of underground piping

Skilled Manpower

Employs manpower of different categories like site engineer, supervisors, QA/ QC engineer, technicians, and highly skilled workman, etc.


We are maintain all type of safety protocol at construction area

Eye and Face Protection

Safety glasses or face shields are worn anytime work operation can cause foreign objects getting into the eye such as during welding, cutting, grinding, nailing (or when working with concrete and/ or harmful chemicals or when exposed to flying particles).

  • Eye and face protectors are selected based on anticipated hazards
  • Safety glasses or face shields are worn when exposed to any electrical hazards including work on energized electrical systems.

Foot Protection

  • Construction workers should wear work shoes or boots with slip-resistant and puncture-resistant soles.
  • Safety-toed footwear is worn to prevent crushed toes when working around heavy equipment or falling objects.

Hand Protection

  • Gloves should fit snugly
  • Workers wear the right for the job (For Example, Heavy-Duty rubber gloves for concrete work, welding gloves for welding, insulated gloves and selves when exposed to electrical hazards).

Head Protection

  • Workers shall wear hard hats where there is a potential for objects falling from above, bumps to their heads from fixed objects, or accidental head contact with electrical hazards).
  • Hard hats are routinely inspected for dents, cracks, or deterioration.
  • Hard hats are replaced after a heavy blow or electrical shock.
  • Hard hats are maintained in good condition.

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